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The Menu is divided into meal categories: Breakfasts, Lunches, Dinners (Fresh, Quick and Late), Side Dishes/Vegetables, Snacks/Appetizers, Desserts, Snack Boxes and Gluten/Dairy Free.  At the top of each category is important information about the meals and their perish-ability.  In the Dinner category, you’ll find the estimated time it takes to prepare a meal - actual time can vary depending on the skill-set of the cooking crew.


We have several Sample Menus built using these river tested recipes.  Use a Sample menu as is or Modify one that comes closest to working for your group.  You can include any special requests in the notes field for each meal. 

The number of meals you select in each category should add up to one less than the number of days of your trip:  for example, a 16 day trip will have 15 breakfasts, 15 lunches, and 15 dinners spread over 16 days.  PRO will provides a complimentary, separately packed put-in breakfast for the morning of your launch, and if we’re doing your take out shuttle, we’ll bring a fresh lunch to the take-out, so there’s no need to make those selections.  Your menu will include various sundry items - kitchen cleaning supplies, toilet supplies, cooking oil, spices, foil, and trash bags, to name a few.

Submit your Menu Details Form along with your Menu Selections to us and we’ll send you a copy of the menu along with a shopping list of everything we plan on buying for your foodpack.


The hardest thing we do is try to figure out the average appetite size so we err on the side of hearty portions.  Most trips can get by with reducing a full portion, but if you have plans for a winter trip, several kayakers, or just some unusually heavy eaters, consider adding one or more portions to each meal.  We recommend either adding or reducing one portion for every 4 heavy or light eaters on your trip. The top of the Menu Details Form has a space for reducing or adding a portion.



Your food cost will vary depending on the meal selections you make. Steak and seafood are often more expensive than vegetarian choices; organic coffee is more expensive than Folgers, etc.  The cost of the average menu for a 16 person, 16 day trip is $28 per person per day. We can work with you to keep your menu within the budget.


The goal is to have your menu finalized 30 days prior to your launch.  After we send your initial Menu and Shopping List, look everything over and let us know of any adjustments or special requests.  We usually have several back and forths on the menu before it is final.  Once final - no more changes in food or the number of portions, we will send you the pdf version of your Menu Plan that contains the menu, pull list and recipes, along with helpful information about outdoor food preparation - we recommend printing this as a back up.  You’ll receive a second Menu Plan, in a 3 ring binder, with your foodpack - this version will have an annotated shopping list as to which box, cooler or crate the items are packed in. 

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