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From a completely outfitted raft to just one item

"This was my 5th trip with PRO and I can't imagine using another outfitter.  Every time I have gone with PRO there are improvements in the equipment and materials - it shows that PRO is always striving to provide the best service and trip experience for its customers."

Shaun Bresnahan - 2013


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All rental prices are per day. Five day minimum.

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The Raft

Our rafts are custom built to enhance carrying capacity and handling along with made-to-order D-ring placement that is specific to the PRO frame system. The valves have been relocated for ease of access - allowing all chambers to be topped off with the pump in a stable position on the frame.

The Frame

After 10 years of development, the first PRO frame was built in 1981; it has since become the industry standard, in use by the majority of commerical outfitters and the NPS. The design allows for a variety of loads and configurations, and offers each boatman the opportunity to customize his or her rig, accommodating a full range of body sizes and shapes - from someone 6'7" (like Bruce) to some who is 5'. The PRO frame design was the first to incorporate storage areas (drop bags) where there used to be thwarts. This innovation greatly enhanced storage capacity while lowering the center of gravity - creating a more stable boat.

The Boxes

The frame also utilizes PRO dry boxes which replace a variety of heavy military boxes. The "classic" side box, which is the size of 3 - 20mm boxes side by side, weighs less than 1 - 20mm box and holds the contents of 4 - 20mm.

The Oars

Having sufferered many a blister early on due to warped wooden oars, we transitioned to composite oars about 20 years ago. We started with counter-blanced, but now have converted to the Dynelite oars. The Dynelite blade design is excellent and they are 1/2 the weight of a wooden oar, saving you energy with every stroke. Check out this video of us "bounce" testing oars.

The Cooler

Knowing first hand how pleasurable it is to enjoy a cold beverage at the end of the day, coolers play a central part in the PRO design. The Canyon Coolers we use are the best fit for your purposes. Our coolers have also been retrofitted for ease of use and draining.

The PRO Rig - why it's the best.


Paddle Rafts and Inflatable Kayaks

All rental prices are per day. Five day minimum.


Kitchen Gear

All rental prices are per day. Five day minimum.