PRO Equipment Sales

From the Alsek to the Zambezi, our gear is tested tough

"When it comes to oar-powered technology in Grand Canyon, nobody has done more - for us all - than Big Old Bruce.  The absolutely bomber frames he designed and built for the commercial sector have had a monumental effect for the better."


Lew Steiger
Boatman's Quarterly Review
Winter 2011-2012

The inspiration for PRO designs and quality equipment fabrication comes from years of time spent on the water - from the mighty Colorado to the raging Zambezi.  Our  aluminum breakdown frames were first created for commercial use on the Alsek and Tatshensheni Rivers of Alaska - where the only transportation from the take-out back to civilization is by air. The frames are extremely light weight, easy to assemble, tough enough to run Lava North and compact enough to be loaded into a Cessna 206... or shipped to you via UPS or  U.S. Mail. Built with 2 inch diameter tubing and fittings composed of an aluminum/magnesium alloy,  the frames are adjustable allowing the use of any cooler or dry box along with an infinite number of oarlock/tholepin positions.  A full or partial floor may be suspended from the frame or the load may be supported by webbing straps.  Many tears and rips have been avoided because the load is suspended from the frame, allowing it to give and shift with the raft.  The set screws which allow the frame's adaptability, also provide a rigid tight frame, eliminating wobbly oarlock stands and loose corners.

Every PRO aluminum product comes with a Lifetime Warranty and we manufacture on a per order basis. We'll work with you to customize a frame set-up built to meet your specific whitewater needs, or ship you something as simple as a sand stake.