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Why Go PRO?

I’m a pretty darn lucky guy. I’ve made it through the Grand almost every year since I was 13 years old. I’ve run 200 trips or so – mostly in rowing rigs, but also driving a variety of motor rigs for science. I guided for OARS Inc. 40 years straight in the Canyon. From the Alsek to the Zambezi, I’ve spent about 9 years on the water covering around 60,000 river miles. Early on, I knew improvements in gear, techniques and organization would have to be made if I was going to enjoy any longevity as a guide – and as things were less than ideal in the late 60s – early 70s, it was pretty easy to make improvements. My love for river running, a passion for efficiency and a background in physics and engineering inspired me to design, redesign, reorganize, modify, repurpose, etc, etc systems and gear to make a raft trip as painless as possible. By reducing the physical labor involved, my boating career lasted far longer than I ever imagined possible.

I hope you can see this whole business has been an ongoing labor of love. My goal from day one has been to set you up with the best gear, organized in a user friendly way, to maximize your pleasure on the river. And we are constantly listening to feedback, re-evaluating and re-designing to improve the quality of the experience anyway we can.

I was lucky enough to get a 20 year head start on most of the competition, and like to think we continue to take good advantage of it. While there are any number of imitations on the market – PRO is the only outfitter offering you the full benefits of its uniquely integrated system.  If you’re still confused about which outfitter will deliver all you need to fully enjoy your “trip of a lifetime”… ask our customers – they are our best advertisement.

No brag just fact,

Bruce Helin
Professional River Outfitters, Inc.

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