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Diamond Creek Infomation

Diamond Creek, at river mile 226, has long been the preferred take-out point for Grand Canyon raft trips.  There are benefits to taking out at Diamond Creek rather than continuing to Pearce Ferry and PRO supports your choice to use Diamond Creek, yet we want you to be aware of the ramifications of that decision. 

PRO schedules early morning take-outs in the summer to avoid traffic congestion, heat and the risk of afternoon thunderstorms that can flood the road.  The Tribe does not permit take-outs between 7 and 10 am because they are rigging their Diamond Down trips, so the usual pick-up times are either 6:30am or 11am. 

Hualapai Land Crossing Fees

The Hualapai Tribe owns the Diamond Creek Road and charges a fee for each river runner, driver and vehicle traveling the road. 

Take-out Day 

This day is a long one, no matter how good you are.  Plan an easy breakfast and get on the water early so you can float unhurried to the take-out.

Most groups camp the last night at one of the numerous camps between river miles 220 and 224, and from there to the takeout is a few swift miles with several small rapids.

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