Sample Menus

PRO Classic

Works for most appetites and has been used many times on the river.  It is a proven crowd pleaser and includes all our favorite river meals, both meaty and vegetarian.

PRO Classic II
(For Meat Lovers)

The PRO Classic with meat included in nearly every meal especially breakfast meats.  This menu will satisfy the meat & potatoes fans, while having something for everyone

Quick and Easy

This menu includes quick & light breakfasts and Heat & Eat dinners with easy sides.  No dutch oven baking. The intention is to keep you out of the kitchen as much as possible and leave more time to hike and watch sunsets.


Offers the best of the meatless meals and includes tofu, eggs and cheese.

Summer Light

Lighter meals for when it’s too hot to eat!

Winter Hearty

Hot Hearty meals to keep you warm from the inside out!

Veggie/ Meat Combo

Try this when your group is split between vegetarians and carnivores – these meals are light on meat.

Rafting Gourmet

These meals may take more time or culinary skill, but are well worth it

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