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Rivers and Oceans
For those who want a guided, commercial raft trip in Grand Canyon, or other adventures around the world, these are the people who can help you pick the right trip and stay on budget.
River Runners Shuttle Service
Greg Montgomery's service is the most reliable and trustworthy business that moves private vehicles from point to point around Grand Canyon.
Flows in the Colorado River at Lee's Ferry 

A few miles below Glen Canyon dam is the put-in for Grand Canyon.  The flows here fluctuate with the dam releases.

Flows in the Colorado River above Diamond Creek
How much water flowing by the take-out for Grand Canyon?
Flows in Diamond Creek at Peach Springs
Watch for flash floods on the Diamond Creek Road during monsoon season.
Download a Launch Calendar for the time of your trip
The park is posting pdf's of their launch calendars about a month ahead of the time of the trip. Check on this page for the download.
Colorado Basin River Forecast Center
The sweetest page for finding out what different sections of the Colorado, Green and Dolores are running.  With history from the National Weather Service.
USGS Realtime Flows Nationwide
Flows for any creek or river with a USGS gauge, listed by state and by drainage, as you like.
National Weather Service in Flagstaff
Up to the minute weather forecasts for Northern Arizona including the Colorado River in Grand Canyon.  Links to great weather info.
Diver's Security Insurance
This company provides secondary insurance that covers boating accidents and emergency evacuation.
Grand Canyon Private Boater's Association
This organization is devoted to the Private Boater in Grand Canyon, with information on the permit system including downloadable forms. There's a good personal packing list too.
GCNP Private River Trip Regulations
The rules for running a Noncommercial River trip in Grand Canyon, from the horse's mouth: the Park Service link to a pdf file.
Join the Yahoo Grand Canyon Discussion Group
Here are answers, boatmen, or maybe even a trip.
Grand Canyon Boater's List
Get on this list to find a private trip or a boatman, or to ask the active boaters of Grand Canyon a question or opinion.
American Whitewater
A nonprofit organization serving the interests of the whitewater boater, including conservation and access issues in Grand Canyon and elsewhere. Their web page offers permitting and links to gages for rivers all over the states.
Grand Canyon River Guide's Association
An organization of boatmen and other folks enthralled by Grand Canyon, this site provides articles on human and natural history, and any other topic relevant to understanding the big picture.
Nancy Helin's CD: River Running

Singer/songwriter Nancy Helin is also a Grand Canyon river guide and PRO owner. Listen to her CD "River Running".

Tom Brownold Photography

Grand Canyon images and more.

Grand Canyon Treks
Historical and Trail information covering a wide scope.
Glen Canyon Institute
One of the organizations that would like to see the dam removed and the river flow free.
River Management Society
A nonprofit organization on river management that provides information on permitted rivers in the US.
Four Seasons Outfitters & Guides
A local outdoor retailer and hiking guide service.  FSO sells some NRS river gear, and rents tents and sleeping bags.
Summit Divers

Mostly a scuba shop, Summit rents farmer john wetsuits in 3mm and 6mm thickness, whitewater kayaks and sea kayaks, which can be used for Grand Canyon self support trips.

Water by Nature

Whitewater raft and kayak trips around the globe by a friend.

Grunden's Foulweather Gear

Get heavy rubber bib pants like Alaska guides wear--great for winter in Grand Canyon

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