The Painless Private

The Painless Private is the easiest, most cost effective way to get your group on and off the water, but don't take our word for what our clients have said. Check out the competition for yourself. Call us to arrange a tour of our warehouse if you like; come see our clean and organized warehouse, our happy staff, and our top-notch equipment. Peek in PRO's food packing room, and at the vehicles in the lot. Web pages and brochures can't touch PRO's excellence; when you get up close, you'll know. We don't facebook, we don't twitter, we don't have bumper stickers...we just have the best designed and maintained equipment along with the best systems - from boats and gear to the lift gates on our trucks.

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Your trip will be completely outfitted with what you want. You pay for only the equipment you need. Choose the number, type and size of your boats from our PRO rigs. Choose what you need for your expedition. We provide an itemized list of everything PRO is providing for your trip - it's not a package deal at a package price. If you prefer to bring some of your own gear (lifejackets for example) your rental costs will be reduced accordingly. Your food cost is based on your specific menu selelctions, so you control how much or how little you spend on food. We also provide dependable, cost efficient shuttles based on the unique needs of your group. Take a look at a sample estimate. Our experienced office staff is available to answer questions and offer expert advice before your trip.

Make your trip Painless - Add the Painless Private to your boat, foodpack and shuttle for $500


Your trip will be outiffed with PRO's fine equipment. You only pay for the equipment you choose. Pick your boats from our PRO rigs. Many trip essentials are included with the Painless Private


Our Menu Plan lets you select meals from our delicious and diverse Menu. Choose a pre-tested Sample Menu to save time. Recipes and complete how-tos allow even the most novice cook to prepare meals.


We provide round-trip shuttles for your group and gear. Our vans and five-ton crew cab trucks with lift gates make for a smooth, comfortable launch and take-out. PRO drivers are safe, courteous and capable.



One of the PRO staff helps you organize your gear, rig your boats, demonstrates the use of PRO equipment, stays overnight with a shuttle vehicle, and helps with the NPS Ranger check-out to make sure you get off to a great start.

The PRO Advisor  


This valuable planning tool is written and updated annually by the PRO staff. It is a great resource for the leaders of the trip; the trip leader and head boatman. It contains packing lists, timelines, tips about organizing your trip, equipment load lists, tips on flow fluctuations for boatmen, a section to help you fill out your permit application, information about menu planning options, sample itineraries and much more.


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