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PRO provides equipment, shuttles and food packs to private boaters with their own permits and expertise. We specialize in non-commercial Grand Canyon River Trips.

You obtain a non-commercial river permit and run the trip with your friends. We set you up with rental equipment, a delicious food pack, and a smooth river shuttle that hauls it all. We know what works. Let us outfit you.

PRO's owner Bruce Helin has been a Grand Canyon boatman since 1970. Bruce, his wife Nancy Helin, and his staff know well the art of running rivers.

We can provide all the rafts and equipment for a Grand Canyon river trip (we call it a Painless Private), or just a piece or two of gear. You can rent a Aqua Partner water filter, a Globalstar satellite phone, a Complete Kitchen or an aluminum folding table. PRO's fleet ranges from one-man inflatable kayaks to 18' Sotar self-bailing rafts. All PRO Rigs are outfitted with the aluminum rowing frames and dry boxes that PRO builds and that are known worldwide for their excellent design and durability. Whitewater rafting on your own terms has never been easier.

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