The PRO Rig


Our boats are set up to maximize your safety, comfort, and convenience. PRO fabricated frames and dry boxes are used in the Grand Canyon by the majority of commercial outfitters as well as the National Park Service. Because loading and unloading this frame system is so easy, it saves you time and allows less experienced members of your party to jump right in and give a hand. The PRO Rig is the ticket if you need a completely outfitted boat. We'll reduce your boat rental rate if you get a shuttle and/or foodpack from PRO, or opt for the Painless Private.

Each PRO rig is ready to row with the following: boat, main frame with floorboard, front drop bag, rear frame with drop bag, folding camp table, cooler, cooler cover, hatch or table cover, four oars, your choice of rowing setup: (oarlocks, rites or thole pins), 34 cam buckle straps, bowline, low-volume pump, bailing buckets & repair kit.  PRO's frames are aluminum with diamond plate decking. Download a pdf copy of the PRO Raft Rigging Primer here.

Check out our raft accessories for items that may be rented with a boat - side boxes, water jug, throwable cushion, throwbag, first aid kit and sand stake. Please bring or request to rent the appropriate additional gear. Be sure to read the gear requirements in the regulations for your destination river. Boat rental does not include delivery.

Rates are per day
(5 day minimum)
PRO Rig only PRO Rig with Food OR Shuttle Discount PRO Rig with Food & Shuttle Discounts
boat choices
18' Sotar self-bailer $53 $51 $49
18' Maravia self-bailer $53 $51 $49
18' Sotar Cataraft $45 $44 $41
16' Sotar self-bailer $50 $48 $46
16' Sotar Cataraft $40 $38 $36

Our rental rates are for five days minimum. Let us know if there is an item not listed here that you need; we may have one, or know where you can get one.

Paddle Rafts and Inflatable Kayaks


14' NRS paddle boat (3 thwarts)
single bladed paddle
double bladed paddle
inflatable kayak (one man) with paddle
inflatable kayak (two man) with paddles


Raft Accessories


Aluminum Dry Box
20mm Box
High-Volume Pump
Lifejacket - type V
Throwable Cushion - type IV
Throw Bag
Major First Aid
Minor First Aid
Sand Stake
Sleep Plate
Cooler Cover

Camp Accessories

Globalstar Satellite Phone
Deluxe Sleeping Pad (Paco) Picture of Paco Pad
Waterproof Bags
Personal Size Picture of Personal Dry Bag
Large Picture of Large Dry Bag
Porta-Pot Seat & Riser (NPS Approved) Picture of Porta Pot
Porta-Pot Storage 20mm Picture of Porta Pot
Porta-Pot Dump & Clean
Day Potty NPS Req.
3 or 5 gal. Water Cooler Picture of Water Cooler
5 gal. Water Jug Picture of Water Jug
Katadyn Expedition Water Filter Picture of Katadyn
Aqua Partner - Battery Water Filter Picture of Aqua Partner
Propane "Camp Fire" Picture of Propane Campfire

Kitchen Gear

Complete Kitchen - w/ Bruce's back

  saving table set-up Picture of Bruce's back saving table set-up
Firepan w/ NPS required firepan blanket Picture of Firepan
Kitchen Handwash Picture of Handwash System


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