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The inspiration for PRO designs and quality equipment fabrication comes from years of time spent on the water - from the mighty Colorado to the raging Zambezi.  Our  aluminum breakdown frames were first created for commercial use on the Alsek and Tatshensheni Rivers of Alaska - where the only transportation from the take-out back to civilization is by air. The frames are extremely light weight, easy to assemble, tough enough to run Lava North and compact enough to be loaded into a Cessna 206... or shipped to you via UPS or  U.S. Mail. Built with 2 inch diameter tubing and fittings composed of an aluminum/magnesium alloy,  the frames are adjustable allowing the use of any cooler or dry box along with an infinite number of oarlock/tholepin positions.  A full or partial floor may be suspended from the frame or the load may be supported by webbing straps.  Many tears and rips have been avoided because the load is suspended from the frame, allowing it to give and shift with the raft.  The set screws which allow the frame's adaptability, also provide a rigid tight frame, eliminating wobbly oarlock stands and loose corners.

Every PRO aluminum product comes with a Lifetime Warranty and we manufacture on a per order basis. We'll work with you to customize a frame set-up built to meet your specific whitewater needs, or ship you something as simple as a sand stake.

If you've enjoyed renting our gear, think how much fun you'd have running your own PRO frame on the rivers back home. E-mail or call Ben, our welder, for a quote: 800-648-3236

PRO Series Frames
Hatch Main

Our PRO line of frames are made with the same fine materials used in our breakdown frames but have the additional convenience of diamond plate walkways and plain hatches.  All the hardware is stainless steel or aluminum. Designed for the individual who demands the best, these frames are standard fare for the National Park Service, commercial outfitters and PRO rental rigs in the Grand Canyon. The drop bags and suspended cargo place the load where it should be - low and easily accessible.  The side decks provide stable walkways for your guests.  While the PRO Main Frames are typically one piece units, as is preferred in most commercial applications, they retain the adjustable cooler bar and oarlock/tholepin holder of the breakdown frame.  This allows the use of any cooler or dry box and the coordination of the oarlock/tholepin position for any size boat person.

PRO HATCH MAIN FRAME features a hinged aluminum hatch in front for use with a drop bag.  This does require the removal of a thwart. 

M - 74" X 70" $1,150
L - 84" x 74" $1,200

PRO TABLE MAIN FRAME is a popular option which utilizes a folding camp table as a front deck, instead of the hinged hatch, leaving your table easily accessible for lunch.

M - 74" X 70" $1,000
L - 84" x 74" $1,025

The PRO REAR FRAMES may be used with most other frames to provide extra support and storage space.

PRO HATCH REAR FRAME features a hinged hatch and is to be used in conjunction with a drop bag.

M - 78" X 24" $525
L - 84" x 24" $550

PRO TABLE REAR FRAME is designed for use with the Folding Camp Table and drop bag.  The table acts as a hatch cover for the drop bag when you're on the water. 

S - 68" X 24" $250
M - 74" x 24" $265
L - 84" x 24" $275
up to 50" x 32" $299
Standard Frames
Standard Frame

Our STANDARD FRAME is a simple ring type, designed for use with a cooler or Dry Box as a seat.  A Floorboard may be suspended for extended trips.  This frame, the first we ever designed, has been used on more first descents worldwide than any other frame on the market.

XS - 64" X 44" $455
S - 68" x 44" $460
M - 74" x 48" $470
L - 84" x 52" $475
Extended Frames
Extended Frames

The EXTENDED FRAME is just that - extended to accept another crossbar.  This allows the use of a drop bag.  Suspended from two of the bars, a loaded drop bag lowers the center of gravity, enhancing stability. A Folding Camp Table can do double duty as a great lid. The longer frame increases the rigidity of the boat and improves handling. Feel free to expand upon the basic EXTENDED FRAME  by adding crossbars as needed for your specific application.

XS - 64" X 64" $540
S - 68" x 68" $545
M - 74" x 70" $550
L - 84" x 74" $555
Folding Camp Tables
Folding Camp Table

The FOLDING CAMP TABLE provides a large, convenient work space for kitchen and lunch use. It is completely self-contained, quick to set-up and easy to clean.  The table makes a great seat and/or hatch cover for our Table Main or Table Rear Frame

S - 67" X 23" $365
M - 73" x 23" $380
L - 83" x 23" $395
72" x 20"
Dry Boxes
Dry Box

Our DRY BOXES are fabricated with .100" and .125" thick marine grade aluminum sheet.  This material is thicker and stronger than that of other commercially available boxes.  Because of this, we must use a hydraulic brake for forming, but we feel it's worth it.  If you've ever had the misfortune of dropping one of the light weight boxes, you know why! And we don't limit you to two or three sizes - all of our boxes are fabricated to order so you get the exact size and shape you need. We'll build you the right box for the right price.


25"L x 17"W x 15"H

48"L x 20"W x 21"H $420



S - 40"L x 24"W x 14"H $119.95    
M - 44"L x 24"W x 14"H $129.95    
L - 48"L x 24"W x 14"H $139.95    
XL - 52"L x 24"W x 16"H $159.95    




Porto Seat and Riser









(6" - 12" available, 9" is standard holder length)


Handling charges are 3% of the total cost ($3.00 minimum, $30.00 maximum)
Shipping charges (if any) to be covered by the customer.


If you are thinking about ordering a custom frame, please e-mail or fax (928-213-0936) us a sketch of your dream frame, with dimensions in inches. We will need the exact dimensions of your boat, and have a form we can send you for that purpose. We recommend that you blow up your own boat and measure it, rather than believing the manufacturer's published dimensions. Every boat is different. Once we have the specifics of the frame, boxes and drop bags, we can give you a cost estimate. We require 50% deposit to begin fabrication on custom orders.


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